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What can we make for you?

Making formulas since 1989!

We specialize in designing and manufacturing unique formulations for the detailing market. But our capabilities extend to creating anything that will clean, polish or protect a surface. 800+ formulations to date!

What we do

Private Label, Formulating & Manufacturing


Whether it’s a waterless-wash, degreaser or an all-purpose cleaner – our products are designed to be eco-friendly. Do you want more suds? Enhanced anti-microbial properties? What about the level of concentration: Do you want 3/1 or 10/1? Everything can be customized.


All polishes and compounds are VOC compliant. Do you want something safe and easy to use or are you selling to professionals who can really make magic with a powerful compound? The rabbit hole of polishes is deep – and we’ve been to the bottom.


All surfaces can and should be protected. Our products protect against everything from UV radiation to bird droppings (which are acidic) to microscopic dust particles. Your clearcoat, rubber dashboard AND leather seats will thank you for protecting them with our products. We even have formulas to protect granite counter tops. If it’s a surface – we can design something to protect it.

Your One Stop Shop

We don’t outsource the chemistry. We don’t outsource the testing. We don’t outsource the manufacturing. This is because we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products – FAST. And you can sleep soundly knowing that every one of our products will always be MADE IN THE USA!


Polycharger is a chemically formulated professional strength additive for liquid or paste waxes, sealants, interior leather or vinyl protectants, tire and trim protectants, quick detailers, spray waxes and many additional surfaces.

VOC Compliant

VOC compliant polishes and compounds, sealants for all automotive, marine, motorcycle, aerospace, and or furniture surfaces.

Experience The Lab Zone Difference

In business since 1989, The Lab Zone has 30 years experience in proven formulation, delivery and long term relationships with our existing partners.

If you want something that will Clean, Polish, or Protect a Surface – we probably make it!

800+ unique formulations to date.

Products Include:

  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Waterless Washes
  • Tire Cleaners
  • All Purpose Cleaners
  • Wheel Cleaners
  • Boat Soaps
  • Lubricants
  • Stain Removers
  • Polishes
  • Sealants & Protectants

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Providing the Highest Quality Formulation Services

Our private label partners have been offering industry-leading detailing products for cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, airplanes, outdoor structures, footwear, and indoor and outdoor furniture – for more than thirty years!

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