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Private Labeling


Private Labeling

Private labeling

The Lab Zone produces some of the highest quality private label products on the market. Want to know more about how private labeling works? Follow our private labeling easy start guide below. 


Do you have a product idea or an existing product you would like reformulated? The Lab Zone’s private-labeling service helps customers bring their ideas to life. We help our customers with all aspects of the product life-cycle to get your product to market fast. Besides product formulation and production, we have services for label design and printing, website design, build and management, third-party logistics (domestic and overseas), custom or standard bottles, caps, and so much more!


A phone call or meeting with a Lab Zone Team Member is used to gain an initial understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish and to learn more about your current or proposed business. You will be speaking directly with one of our senior formulators to ensure we guide you in the right direction right from the start.  This allows us to provide suggestions to make sure your new product is formulated to perfection.


After the meeting, we ask you to narrow down specifics and identify examples. This may be your current prototype that needs specific improvements or even a product you want reverse engineered.


Reverse Engineering

We take an existing product and analyze its composition. Most importantly, we observe how it works. After extensive research, we create a formulation that outperforms its predecessor. We perform repeated head-to-head tests and revisions to arrive at a final version of the new product. In some cases, the new product will have a completely different formulation that yields a better outcome.


The formulation/chemistry team will begin the work on creating prototypes. In most cases, initial prototypes can be ready within a few weeks. If we have an existing formulation that can be custom-tailored to meet the specifications of the new product, the turnaround time can be as little as over a week. Initial testing is completed to ensure it is sufficiently on target to meet your requirements. Color and fragrance are typically chosen during this phase.

We suggest the next two phases be complete during the same time to speed the process along.


Once you receive your prototype, you can begin your own testing. During this phase, we ask you to give us your feedback to help us improve the formula and create new prototypes. You may even find a trip to our lab for live testing with our formulators the best way to complete the prototype testing. Once this is done, the final acceptance test can be completed.


Packaging and labeling your products is a crucial step in product manufacturing. You can choose your desired product’s package type, color, and size. We will source the packaging in the quantities you can work with or we have suppliers we can refer you to so you can source your own. We can efficiently package products in 1oz to 330 gallon totes and every size in-between at our 25,000SF manufacturing facility in Bradenton, FL.


Once you have your finalized prototype, placed your initial order for packaging and labels, you’re ready for the next step. A general product launch plan is mapped out, all the essential materials are sourced, and delivery dates are set with suppliers. 


Once the factory receives all the materials necessary to produce the product, we begin production. In most cases, we produce the end product within ten days of receiving all the materials. We have five semi-automatic manufacturing lines and one fully automated line that can produce up to 50 8-32 oz bottles per minute. Keep in mind that custom bottles may take longer to produce.


The Lab Zone helps guide you through shipping options and logistics. Need to ship your products all over the US or even overseas? We partner with some of the best shipping companies to send your products anywhere. We also provide options to ship your products in bulk or fully packaged so your product is ready to ship to your customers (e.g., through Amazon).


We strive to have the most innovative products and the best customer service in the business. If you’re dissatisfied with a product, we’ll work with you to address your concerns and get the product the way you want it. We provide ongoing support and advice for as long as you are a customer. For Amazon resellers, we’ll receive any product returns and salvage as much as we can of the original product and packaging to reduce your cost.

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