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Product Manufacturing

The Lab Zone’s product manufacturing service offers solutions for auto, marine, RV, cycle, industrial, home, and personal use with flexible packaging options from 1 oz bottles to 330 gallon totes. Your options are endless! We can produce products with a broad range of characteristics from thick polishing compounds to spray wax and liquid soaps.


Product Manufacturing

Ready To Start Manufacturing Your Product?

Once you’ve finalized your private-label or white-label product, you are ready for the manufacturing stage. Choosing the right packaging and labeling for your products is a crucial step in product manufacturing. You will have the option of having The Lab Zone source the packaging in the quantities you need or we can refer you to a partner so you can source your own.

Best of all we’re able to affordably create batches as small as 120 gallons so you can start your business with a lower overhead while testing a new idea or market. 


You will have many options to review while selecting your product’s package type, color, and size (1 oz bottles to 330 gallon totes). 

Looking for custom packaging? Our partners can work with you to create custom packaging and/or caps that will showcase your product in exciting ways.



You want your labels to be visually appealing, easy to read, and explain your product’s intended use clearly so you have better customer engagement. You may provide your own or we can have one of our partners expertly design one for you.

How it works

The Manufacturing Process

Once the factory receives all the materials necessary to produce the product, we begin production. The Lab Zone can efficiently package products in 1oz to 330 gallon totes and every size in-between at our 25,000SF manufacturing facility in Bradenton, FL.

We have five semi-automatic manufacturing lines and one fully automated line that can produce up to 50 8-32 oz bottles per minute. In most cases, we produce the end product within ten days of receiving all the materials. We can ship it in bulk or fully packaged so that your product is ready to send right to your customers, perfect for the Amazon seller.

Step 01


Step 02

Research & Prototypes

Step 03


Step 04



The Lab Zone prides itself on producing top-quality products that exceed your expectations. We have rigorous standards that our staff upholds before, during, and after production.

We use 99.999% pure water to ensure consistency over batches

Each mixing station is equipped with testing tools for purity and PH

Consistency is key! Batch samples are maintained for all mixes for the last three or more batches

Chemists inspect processes each month to ensure we’re on top of any emerging issues

The senior formulators do multiple daily inspections of the products being mixed

The production team, led by an industrial engineer, constantly monitors filling and packaging quality

Automatic and semi-automatic equipment is used throughout the process to reduce errors while increasing efficiency

30+ Years of

Formulary Experience

Better Than The Rest

Why Choose Us

We are committed to helping our customers with all aspects of the product life-cycle to get their product to market fast.

Product formulation and production are just the beginning of what we offer. We have services for label design and printing, website design, build and management, third-party logistics (domestic and overseas), custom packaging, and so much more!  

The Lab Zone is known for our outstanding customer service and always goes the extra mile to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Our expert formulators have over 50 years of combined experience and advise you every step of the way.

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