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Research & Development

Research and development is an essential part of any product formulation. Whether you’re looking to private label or white label a product, you’ll want an expert formulation.


Research & Development

Research & Development

Once we have established what type of product and specifications you are looking for, we move to the research & development phase (R&D). You may choose to use any of the thousands of our pre-existing formulations or we can create something entirely new just for you! Our staff is continuously experimenting with new chemicals and looking for new ways to innovate our formulas. This means your product will be at the forefront of the market.

Our Formulators

Our expert formulators have over 50 years of combined experience and advise you every step of the way. We have a team of younger chemists and chemical engineers that work closely with our senior formulators to augment their experience.

As you work through this process, you will be working directly with our senior formulators. They take time to understand what you need and want out of the product. Having this close relationship with our experts is important to ensure that you’re getting the best possible product formulated. Best of all, we don’t charge for these consultations!

Custom Blending

Depending on the project, you’ll have the option of a full-blend design or work with an existing blend. For existing blends, we’ll make suggestions, as needed, about how to improve them. We’re able to affordably create batches as small as 120 gallons so you can start your business with a lower overhead while testing out a new idea or market. We will work with you every step of the way to create a formula that you are satisfied with.

Rapid Prototyping

Due to our large library of formulas and years of experience, we can provide rapid prototyping to perfect your desired product. Customers can define what they want to create and, in some cases, point to examples of products already on the market that we can reverse engineer. We have hundreds of scent and color options for you to choose from. We can even have a unique solution custom-created just for your new product!

30+ Years of

Formulary Experience

How we do it

Reverse ENgineering

We take an existing product and analyze its composition. Most importantly, we observe how it works. After extensive research, we create a formulation that outperforms its predecessor. We perform repeated head-to-head tests and revisions to arrive at a final version of the new product. In some cases, the new product will have a completely different formulation that yields a better outcome.

Once the base formula is established, we begin formulation in our lab. You may even find a trip to our lab to meet with our formulators beneficial. By working at our lab with the customer, we can often significantly reduce the product development time.

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